SBI Credit Card Offer on ShopClues

It is good to see that people are getting dependent on technology; after all, technological developments are done for the sake of helping people and giving them enough rest. What’s the point in buying something from the land-based store, if you can get the same product at a discounted price from an e-store? Moreover, what if a bank is allowing you to enjoy an extra discount for holding its credit or debit card?

I am sure you are excited to read this and are probably unable to believe it, because not all the banks are good enough to give you such extra discounts. In fact, there are not many e-stores that let you enjoy such discounts. Thus, people have now switched to websites like, for their product needs.

It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a printer for your house or a digital weighing machine to keep an eye on your weight, all that matters is that you enjoy the discounted rates available on the website as well as additional discounts on using your bank’s credit card.

Before I tell you about the reasons why ShopClues is so popular in the market, I would like to tell you something about your State Bank of India’s (SBI) Credit Card feature:

If you have an SBI credit card, then you can always enjoy additional discounts under the roofs of ShopClues. On a minimum transaction of Rs.1250, you can get a discount of Rs.250. However, this discount is available only on the non-electronic products at; for the electronic products, you have to pay the complete price.

State bank of India has associated itself with, in order to give more discounts to those, who are account holders of this bank. However, the discount is enjoyed only by the credit card holders and not by the debit card holders.

So you say you have an SBI credit card and you want to purchase a non-electronic item from Then all you need to do is use the promo code SBIC250 and enjoy the additional discount.

But just like all the good things don’t stay for long, this offer is valid till 31st March 2016 only; so if you want to buy something at a lesser price, don’t forget to avail the discount with the help of the mentioned promo code, before the mentioned period.

Now, let me give you the top four reasons to use ShopClues for your shopping needs:

1) ShopClues is an amazing website; it has already proven its name in the market by winning the hearts of the customers. The website is present on internet since quite some time now; thus, people are able to trust its name.

2) There are thousands of different products available under the name of ShopClues. Even if you want one product, you can check varieties in the same before deciding on which one to buy. You can take your own sweet time before selecting the desired product for yourself.

3) Even if you want a few electronic products, you can buy them from; this is a one stop destination for all your electronic and non-electronic product needs. In fact, most of the customers check products at different land based stores and then buy them from this website.

4) All the products are checked before being shipped to the customers. ShopClues takes guarantee of all the products that it sells. Which website does this? There are millions of websites on internet, but how many of them have the courage to offer you products at discounted rates, without compromising on the quality? Only websites like ShopClues do that for you!

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