Kotak Mahindra Bank Cards Offer on Yatra

There may be various websites to plan your trip, but the most popular one in India is none other than Yatra. It is an Indian travel agency as well as a travel search engine founded by three Indians in the month of August, 2006. Despite the challenges it faced from the already existing competitive websites, it turned out to be one of the most used websites in the country. It has its head office in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Whether you want to plan your honeymoon in a proper way or want to have a round-trip to another location, Yatra.com helps you plan your trip with all the discounts that you can reap in the market.

Partnership Of Kotak Mahindra Bank With Yatra.com :

It doesn’t matter if you have used your Kotak Mahindra cards on other websites or not, if you want to plan a trip somewhere, this is your time because this bank has tied up with Yatra.com to give you splendid offers. No matter where you want to go, if you make your trip with the help of this website and use your Kotak cards, you are bound to receive fabulous offers and discounts. This way, you get to:

• Save money by reaping the benefits of the offer period
• Plan the trip in a better way
• Trust both the names since the website and bank are quite famous
• Have a successful trip, despite the location you wish to go

All About The Offer :

With your Kotak cards, you can enjoy Rs.600 off on Yatra.com!

Yes you read it right – all you need to do is remember the coupon code: YATRAKOTAK and use it when you checkout to pay the amount for your trip. Once you get the total amount, you see that the website requests you to put the voucher number. As soon as you do that, you see the discount mentioned as you use your card.

If you think you can utilize this offer anytime in your life, you are absolutely wrong! This offer is valid till 30th of September 2016 only. So if you really want to make a successful trip in your planned budget, let Yatra.com and Kotak Mahindra’s partnership help you!

Wondering if the offer is available for the credit card holders as well?

The good news is that this offer is available for both, the debit as well as the credit card holders. Once you logon to the website and decide about everything related to your trip, you can use the voucher number mentioned above and check out with the available discounts on your Kotak Mahindra debit or credit cards.

The offer is available on both, domestic as well as international flights. You can also use the offer for domestic hotel, flight and hotel bookings, bus bookings, domestic holiday as well as international holiday trips.

Here are some of the things that would give you an idea about the offer:

• One Way Domestic Flight: You enjoy Rs.300 off on a minimum booking of Rs.6,000
• Roundtrip Domestic Flight: You enjoy Rs.600 off on a minimum booking of Rs.8,000
• International Flight: You enjoy Rs.1,000 of off on a minimum booking of Rs.40,000
• Flight and Hotel: Rs.2,000 off on a minimum booking of Rs.10,000
• Domestic Holiday: Rs.1,000 off on a minimum booking of Rs.30,000
• International Holiday: Rs.1,500 off on a minimum booking of Rs.50,000

There are many other offers as well, which you can check by visiting the website of Yatra. This year, let your trip be extra special; this year, let your trip not strain your pockets much! We wish you a very safe and happy journey.

About Kotak Mahindra Bank :

If you are unaware about this bank, you don’t belong to India!

Kotak is an extremely popular name in India, especially because of the way it takes care of each and every little thing related to banking and finance industry. From giving the best treatment to the customers with the help of the customer service department to providing them with excellent offers with the help of websites and e-stores, there is nothing that this bank doesn’t do to maintain its reputation in front of everyone.

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