The BigBasket Offer For HDFC Bank Card Holders

HDFC bank has always tried its best to bring different offers and discounts for all its bank account holders. Thus, it tied up with BigBasket to do something different for its customers. Since the bank knows how important groceries are to its customers, it tried making a difference in their lives by introducing this discount offer.

If you are an HDFC bank account holder and have its debit or credit card, you can use the promo code: BBHDFC200 and enjoy the discount.

But wait a minute… the offer is not going to wait for you all your life! It is valid till 31st January 2016 only!

So, the next time you pick up that bag and think of going down for grocery shopping, it is time for you to replace the bag with your mobile phone, download the BigBasket app, buy all the groceries that you want to and use the promo code on your Rs.1000 transaction to enjoy the discount.

There may be several online shops, but not all of them are into groceries. There are only a handful of e-stores that have come with the concept of e-supermarkets and one of them is

If you haven’t heard of this website already, you are way behind the others in the country. If you have started purchasing almost everything from e-stores, why not do something different this weekend and order for groceries on BigBasket? It doesn’t matter if you want to buy eggs or frozen peas, this e-supermarket has all that you want to buy.

Gone are the days when you had to visit the vegetable vendors and argue with them; now is the time to get the groceries delivered right to your doorstep. Following are the top five reasons for you to try this website:

1) To order to groceries any time you want to – Unless you order late at night, you also have the option to get the vegetables and fruits delivered on the very same day (depending on your location and the availability of the delivery boys) This is perhaps the best feature of this website, thanks to which it is gaining so much of demand in the market.

2) To get all that the fruits and vegetables, despite the season – There are times when you feel like cooking and eating something, which is not available in the market near you. If you want to buy an off-seasonal vegetable or fruit, you can try doing so on this website. If it is available on this e-supermarket, it is delivered to you, right when you want it to.

3) To get the delivery just in time – If you want the delivery to be made in two days, it would be done in two days only. Just when you want the groceries, you can get them delivered to your doorstep, with the help of this website.

4) To place the order on the mobile app – The good news is that BigBasket not only has a website, but also an awesome and easy to use app, on which you can place any order that you want to. It is not that you have to switch on your laptop every time you want to place an order, you can use the app on your cellphone as well, to make your life easier!

5) To enjoy discounts – If you use the BigBasket Mobile App for the first time and use your HDFC debit and credit card for the same, you enjoy a discount of Rs.200, but only on the transaction that’s above Rs.1000 .

Hurry up!

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